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This is One of the Hottest Segments of Biotechnology

With a push to develop coronavirus therapies and vaccines, biotech stocks have been some of the best investments of the year.

To date, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index is up 10%, with the S&P 500 still in the red.

Within the biotech sector, genomics is picking up a good deal of momentum.  After all, genomics can play a pivotal role in treating viruses because illnesses, such as COVID-19 have their own genomes.

“Genome sequencing reveals the genetic makeup of organisms like humans, or even bacteria, by identifying the building blocks (nucleotides) that make up genetic material (DNA) and the order in which they appear,” according to Global X. “Sequencing can also be conducted on viral genomes like that of SARS-CoV-2. Viruses are non-living strands of RNA, so these sequences look at RNA rather than DNA.”

Better still, the genomics industry could be worth north of $25 billion by 2025.